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  1. JMTaylor

    HELP! Refund Please HELP

    Hello Savvy Community, Does anyone have a phone number that actually works for Savvy Authors so that I can receive an unauthorized refund? I have left voice messages at the company along with emails and have not received a reply. Thanks so much. Jillian
  2. JMTaylor

    Intros & Newbies Hello Out There

    Hi Dawn, Thanks for the welcome. I'm excited to be here.
  3. JMTaylor

    Intros & Newbies Hello Out There

    Hi, My name is Jillian and I have just joined the group today. I am in the final edits of my YA Fantasy novel that I co-wrote with my mom. Would love to make new friends and share feedback for sweetheart pitch/query/2 page synopsis for upcoming author mentor match.