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  1. Connie Parrott

    HELP! Billing Issues

    Hi RJ, I happened to log into my PayPal account and it showed that SavvyAuthors had billed me twice in Oct. for my dues. Once on Oct. 12 and then again on Oct. 19. Not sure if this is in the same year. Can you check this out for me? I didn't know where else to place this question. Thanks...
  2. Connie Parrott

    Going on RIGHT NOW Printing Out Lessons

    BEFORE the end of civilization (pre-Savvy site update), we could print out our lesson discussions. It actually said "Print". Is that still possible? I could only find the class because RJ kindly gave me a direct link (yes, being old and helpless sucks). Connie Parrott
  3. Connie Parrott

    After class chitchat Kathy Otten's class: The People We Meet: Using Body Language to Convey Emotions

    SavvyAuthors hit a grand slam in one of its classes! When I saw Kathy Otten's class "The People We Meet" scheduled on the workshop calendar, I jumped to enroll. Her class syllabus sounded so tempting, but I kept my fingers crossed, just in case. I need not have worried. :) Kathy's techniques for...
  4. Connie Parrott

    Site Q's, Bugs & Requests Trying find lessons in JD Faver's class

    Hi, I'm taking ages to get used to the new site. I'm in JD Faver's class that started Monday and I swear I cannot seem to pull up any lectures or lessons. Has she posted a lesson yet? No offense to anyone, but I can't find any info under her class name. Just wondering as I sit twiddling my...
  5. Connie Parrott

    After class chitchat Angela Knight's "From Mild to Wild" class

    Just taking a moment to thank the Gods of All Things Writing for the divine Angela Knight and her class "From Mild to Wild...Sex Scenes" that wrapped Feb. 14. Loved Angela's blunt, funny method of presentation. Why couldn't my college professors have been like her? Why didn't this sort of course...
  6. Connie Parrott

    Intros & Newbies Looking for Back Story class

    Hi, I could have sworn there was a Back Story class beginning on Jan. 25. I was trying to sign up for it and now I can't find it anywhere. Did I dream that? Any assistance welcomed. Thanks, Connie Parrott