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  1. The Haven (The Guard Trilogy Extended Series, Book 4) The Guards of Haven

    The Haven (The Guard Trilogy Extended Series, Book 4) The Guards of Haven

    Book 4, The Haven, is the next in series, and a bridge book carrying readers from the original trilogy into The Guard Trilogy Extended Series, The Guards of Haven.
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    From the author who brought you the paranormal mystery THE GUARD TRILOGY, comes a new psychological murder mystery thriller. “What would you do, to protect the ones you love?” All evidence points to yet another murder by the notorious serial killer known as the ‘Small-Town Strangler’. The unsolved
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    When a woman linked to the supernatural, discovers her adoptive mother’s journal holds a cryptic mystery, she and her closest friends race to uncover a secret matriarchal society safeguarded by mystical unseen forces.
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    A Three-Part Urban Fantasy/Paranormal Mystery If you appreciate brilliant urban fantasy or paranormal mysteries involving everyday people, you'll love this entertaining three-part trilogy.
  7. Nancy L Westaway

    All things writing Trilogy Synopsis writing

    Hi all!! Can anyone recommend resources/workshops for writing a synopsis for a trilogy where the books are NOT stand alone? My trilogy is 90% complete at the moment. :coffee: