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  1. Randa Rune and the Erie Street Witch

    Randa Rune and the Erie Street Witch

    Book 1 in this YA Urban Fantasy Witch Series
  2. PassionSavvy

    All things writing Do You Plan to Publish: traditionally? Self? or Combo?

    I self-published with iUniverse for my first book, which was a tool for my Life Coach business that helps women over 40 to redefine and remember who they really are. I wrote a paranormal romance after that, which needs revamping, so then tried my hand at a straight romance, which I published on...
  3. SOLARIS: Sand In My Eyes

    SOLARIS: Sand In My Eyes

  4. PassionSavvy

    Intros & Newbies Welcome. Bienvenue. Willkommen. Aloha. Fáilte. Bienvenidos

    Hi everyone. I am Catherine and am new to Savvy Authors. I too have written non-fiction and have been gifted with two fiction novel ideas, one that I am working on here with June, and the other that is just unfolding in my thoughts now. I'm not sure how or where to share on here. I like the...