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    Thank you so much. I love your suggestion! May I use that?
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    I went back to the drawing board, but still have a long way to go. Original: Sassy and sexy contemporary western romance Possible revision: Solving relationship problems one kiss at a time. Doesn't really include the "western" element I'd like, but is it better? More specific? I also think...
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    Homework Lesson Three Assignment Thread

    1 - Do I write every day? No. Steps I can take? I honestly don't think I can fix this one. Some days I literally barely have time to use the restroom. 2 - Do I take steps to eliminate distractions? Yes. 3 - Do I have a difficult time focusing? Sometimes. Problems with focus usually come in...
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    Lecture Lesson Two Homework Thread

    Here are my responses to lesson number 2: 1 - Do I plan my writing goals ahead of time? Um . . . sort of. I have long-term goals that I shoot for and I have a monthly "date" for prescheduling social media posts and such. I blog every week. So, I do have some goals. My actual writing is more...
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    Homework Lesson One Homework Thread

    Hi Irene: Here are my responses: 1 - Am I a fearful writer? I don't think so. I'm pretty brave in general. 2 - Which anxieties do I struggle with? Mostly I get anxious when I set a goal for myself and I don't meet it. I have high standards and I aim high. 3 - Do I struggle with...
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    Discussion Do you Consider Yourself a Successful Writer?

    Hi, I'm late coming to the party, but I'm here. So, that's a success right there (ha). I'm enjoying the material and information but I sometimes feel like I've set the bar too low for myself. Some days I feel like I should and could do more and other days I feel like I've overachieved. (Part of...
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    Homework Homework Thread

    Hi Marta: Assignment #1 - What works best for me as an author are in-person classes/workshops. I love the face-to-face, the classroom setting interactions, etc. (damn COVID) I have also found some very interesting, informative and fun webinars, but sometimes there are way too many people...
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    Discussion Discussion Thread

    Hi Marta - this may be a stupid question, but what type of equipment should an author have to start doing regular YouTube videos. Obviously some sort of recording device. I suck at techy stuff and I have a pretty old phone, although it will take videos. Do you recommend a tripod or sorts to hold...
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    Discussion Marketing Challenges

    Thanks for the information. I'll check with them. (They'll undoubtedly want money to do that, but it might be worth the investment.)
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    Hi Andrea - My name is Patricia. I write as Jansen Schmidt. I'm a little late getting on board. I'm an innkeeper and have a busy weekend schedule with guests checking in, breakfast, cleaning rooms, and checking out. I did do my homework this morning. Here's what I found: Brenda Novak - tagline...
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    Lecture Welcome & Introduction

    Hi. I'm Patricia. I write as Jansen Schmidt. I have 3 self-published books available currently. I am a full-time innkeeper so I write when I can. Looking forward to learning.
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    Discussion Marketing Challenges

    I would love to run Amazon ads, but because I used Book Baby to help me "publish" my books, I don't have a KDP account, which prevents me from running ads. I'd love to find a way to get around this without taking my books down from the Book Baby platform. I'm also interested in trying some...
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    Discussion What works for you

    I have had the best success with FB ads. Now that I understand how they work, I'm able to get them done relatively quickly. Usually when I run an ad I see a uptick in sales. Of course, finding the write images and ad copy are the trick. Video ads seem to do better than still photo ads. BookBub...
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    Lecture Get Acquainted

    Hi, my name is Patricia. I write as Jansen Schmidt. I am a self-published author of sassy and sexy contemporary romance with a mystery or suspense element thrown in. I am married, take care of my aging father, and a full-time innkeeper so it's often hard to find the time to write, but I do the...
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    Discussion Let's Connect

    Hi I'm Patricia and I write as Jansen Schmidt. I am self-published with 1 series of 3 books currently published. Here are my links: Website: Jansen Schmidt | Sassy and sexy contemporary western romance Blog: jansenschmidt Facebook: Log into Facebook I have a YouTube channel but it's messed up...
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    From the Admins... A HUGE thank you!

    Merry, thank you so much for all of the amazing and comprehensive information. I've been so overwhelmed this weekend with Savvy Authors intensives and webinars (plus an on-line art auction my husband wanted me to attend with him and running a B & B that actually had a few guests this weekend)...
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    Thank you for your time and generosity. Looking forward to continuing incorporating this information in my life.
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    From the Admins... A HUGE thank you!

    Thank you. It was a lot of information to digest and start incorporating.
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    Discussion 06. Research for Plot

    Bobbie I've actually stood in that exact spot (the San Andres fault). You can see when the Earth shifted. The fence is split and you can see how far apart the two ends of fence are that used to meet. It's very creepy.