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    Lecture Nothing to see here but definitely check out all the events!

    If you have any questions, please use the Contact Us link in the footer of every page!
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    Part 4

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    Part 3

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    Part 2

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    Part 1

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    Part 3

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    Part 2

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    Lesson 1

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    Moderator Note Navigating the Learn Now Video Classes!

    Welcome to the Learn Now Video classes at SavvyAuthors. If you are familiar with our classes and webinars you will see some things that are the same and some are a bit different. 1) All of the lessons are posted in the Class Videos tab above. You access the pre-recorded lessons from that tab...
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    Lesson 1- Setup your environment

    How to set up your enviornment
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    test video

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    2Introduction to How to Write the High Concept Novel

    In a high concept novel, the premise becomes the pitch and drives the story forward. It clearly relays an easily understood story idea, genre, originality, and distinctive qualities in approximately 3 minutes. Perhaps the story has strong movie potential. The plot doesn’t have to be new, but the...
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    Part 4

    Putting this to use for your stories and next steps.
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    Discussion Part 3

    How to use Premise to drive the story forward with examples of how others have used this to create High Concept movies and books.
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    Part 2

    Story Ideas, Concepts and Premises
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    Part 1

    What are the elements of a High Concept Story?
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    How To... How to use Styles in MS Word to track areas you want to edit

    ED: So this came up in another thread but I thought it might be better given its own. This is how you can use MS Word's Style feature to tag areas in your mss that you want to revisit later for possible rewrites. Sure! So in Word you can create a specific style, for example, maybe I want one...
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    Lecture test

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    Lecture sdfsdfds