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    Lecture Workshop Handout

    Thank you for a great class.Sorry I've been lurking but I haven't had a minute without stress at work (getting stuck with others work and on call holidays), with parents illnesses and my spouse being transferred to another hospital. I think dystopic is normal for me....;))
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    Lecture Conclusion

    Thank You!
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    Discussion Thank you

    Thank you, Lori. The class was excellent. I guess the timing with Covid ( I work in a hospital), two colleagues missing in action at work, family near death non Covid related medical issues, sudden unexpected pet (my children) deaths and tornado watch last night, the timing for me wasn't ideal...
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    Homework Day 1: Introduce yourself

    Wow Romy, your path to publication is impressive. Looking forward to taking this journey with you.
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    Homework Day 1: Introduce yourself

    To respond to Mona re Chapters: Kiss of Death, Romantic Women's Fiction, Contemporary Romance writers, RWA On Line, Beau Monde, Fantasy, Futuristic and Paranormal RWA
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    Homework Day 1: Introduce yourself

    Hello, I'm in western NC , originally from NY. I have had poetry published. I'm still working on fiction. I have a completed manuscript needing rewriting and other wip needing completion. My resolution this year is to complete a polished manuscript for publication, My day job ( family medicine)...
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    Lecture Lesson Twelve - Recap

    I may have been more lurking during this course, than present due to work, family illnesses/ near deaths, pet deaths etc. This course was excellent, motivational and encouraging. You gave me the tools to succeed. As I was able to diagnose my problem. I keep rewriting the same scenes and go...
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    Discussion March 4 Check In

    Hi Dawn, I haven't had a chance to write this week since my mom almost died in NY and her little sister in CA just got diagnosed with aggressive cancer and started chemo. Relatives and doctors have been calling etc. Half my coworkers are off ( so have their work and no down time) plus I'm...
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    Goals Introduce yourself and list your goal!

    HI, I'm Lina. This year I need to complete a novel. I have a handful of things I started but never revised or fleshed out. I thought this class would help give me a system to disengage from the holding pattern I seem to be walking in circles.
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    Homework Homework: Week 1

    That sounds like a great idea. My spouse listens to a radio station in Alaska ( we are in NC)....It throws me for a loop when I hear,,,,"the caribou are coming across the plain, it's minus 10 degrees." Sometimes they talk about local tribes and "the salmon are jumping in the boats," and "see...
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    Homework Homework: Week 1

    I'm trying to figure out what would work with me....location/occupation and other hooks.....locations started to blend together cove/bake shop etc RE COZIES: On Amazon: I noticed popular hooks: animals, crafts and hobbies, culinary. Looking at various lists- there was an abundance of...
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    Discussion Welcome to Class!

    Hi. I'm interested in learning more about this form. I haven't been able to get one manuscript completed and polished. I have piles of various wip's. I've decided this year I must complete something. I've been published in poetry but not with fiction. I'm not sure cozy is for me...since I use...
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    Lecture Day 10: Conclusions

    Thank you for such a great class. I thought I had the idea of setting but you've made me see it in a whole new light and with greater depth.
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    Lecture Build-A-Book with Brenda - Week 6

    Amazing course thank you. Your vision and notes spoke to me and gave me the momentum years of other classes just haven't been able to do.
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    Lecture Day 1: Introduction

    Hi Kate, I have wip's in: romantic/horror women's fiction, murder/mystery, paranormal, sci-fi alien romance, romantic/medical mystery, I would like to attempt a Korean Josean pd historical. Most settings are places I know (except the historical idea) since the events that occur or can occur...
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    Lecture Lecture 6 - Summary & Questions?

    Thank you for such an excellent class. I was unfamiliar with this category and know I feel I'm well-versed!
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    Happy New Year. Hi Beth and class, I'm Lina Sophia Rossi I'm only published in poetry, so pre-published in fiction I'd consider myself a niche-jumper. I like the concept you mentioned of becoming a hybrid author and having a different pseudonym for each genre. I'd like to learn how to navigate...
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    Lecture Introduction

    Hi everyone, I'm Lina. Happy New Year. I'm a bit shy as I'm still learning the novel form. I'm not quite at the level I want to be, 1. The genre(s) you prefer to write/read. I've had poetry published. Still working on fiction. I like to write paranormal romance, dystopic...
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    Moderator Note Class PDF

    Thank you so much. Excellent class. Happy Holidays.