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  1. Janice Croom

    Lecture Just add water

    This is a very rough sketch of the story. When I started this weeked all I had for this story was a blurb. Even though I have a ton of work to do, thanks to this class I have something to work with. Hook: Miserable since canceling the wedding, Kadence agrees to accompany Terrence to his...
  2. Janice Croom

    Lecture 1 Welcome and Intro -- Read This First

    I've self published 5 books and taught myself to do everything. It was a lot of trial and error. Looking forward to picking up some helpful tips as I work through these lessons.
  3. Janice Croom

    Lecture The End

    My ending will wrap up the mystery and romance but leave the door open to continue the series.
  4. Janice Croom

    Lecture Round up the Usual Suspects

    Who is your Cast of Characters? Kadence (protagonist) Terrence (her ex fiancee) Terrence's parents Terrence Chandler Sr (the family calls him Chandler) and Victoria Chandler. Chandler is an ally to Kadence. Victoria wants Kadence out of her son's life unnamed servant whose been with the family...
  5. Janice Croom

    Lecture Are You Ready for Challenge #2?

    Challenge #2: What is your setting? 1. Are you going to physically cut off your suspects? Why? How? My setting is on a tony estate. I'd originally though of setting it in the Hamptons,, but I might set it on a private island that Terrence's family owns and have them cut off from civilization...
  6. Janice Croom

    Lecture Welcome! And here is your First Challenge

    I hadn't considered it but that's a great idea. It would help bring everything full circle. Thanks.
  7. Janice Croom

    Lecture Welcome! And here is your First Challenge

    Death of a Drama Queen will be the fifth book of a 5 book character arc. It's a romantic mystery so in book 5 in additon to solving the mystery, Kadence and Terrence will finally get their HEA. •1. What is your External Conflict (the puzzle)? Miserable since canceling the wedding, Kadence...
  8. Janice Croom

    Lecture Lesson 8

    Exercise 1. Consider using your bible as part of your revision plan. How might you do this? What might be involved, depending on your revision process? Share with the group. Incorporating the scene tracking chart as part of my Bible will help me identify plot holes, pacing, act breaks, things...
  9. Janice Croom

    Lecture Lesson 7

    Exercise 1. How have you tried tracking the main plot and subplots of your previous stories? What worked and what did not? Share with the group. I used novel inventory and scene cards to track the main plot and subplots. The scene cards help me write the scenes where the novel inventory gives...
  10. Janice Croom

    Lecture Lesson 5

    Exercise 1. I already use my characters’ GMC, values, contradictions, vulnerabilities and secrets. Sometimes I don’t know what they are until I start writing and then they reveal themselves. Kadence’s vulnerability is that it’s really difficult for her to accept help. She always wants to do...
  11. Janice Croom

    Lecture Lesson 6

    Exercise 1. What in your setting will you need to track and/or do world building around? Why is this important to your story? What is the impact for your characters and story? Share with the I'll need to track the businesses , homes and their descriptions of Thornwood, the town where...
  12. Janice Croom

    Lecture Lesson 4

    Exercise 1. Look back over the world building elements you listed in the last exercise. Write one or two sentences to justify the need for each element in your list, answering the question: Why is this item important to the story? Share with the group. Settings: I use these settings not just...
  13. Janice Croom

    Lecture Lesson 3

    Exercise 1. How would you define the type of series you are writing using the types in the beginning of the lesson? If your series seems to fall outside of these types, describe how you see your series. Share with the group. I'm writing the second type of series. My romantic mystery series is a...
  14. Janice Croom

    Lecture Lesson 2

    Exercise 1. What physical tools do you currently use? Do you find them effective? Why or why not? Is there anything from the above list that you might try? What about the tool appeals to you? In drafting my novel, I start in Scrivener and write out everything I know. I then use index cards to...
  15. Janice Croom

    Lecture Lesson 1

    The Kadence MacBride Mystery Series Genre: Romantic Mystery Best friends since college, African-American couple Kadence and Terrence have supported each other through 20 plus years of failed marriages and dead-end relationships. Despite their strong mutual attraction, they’ve been unwilling to...
  16. Janice Croom

    Lecture Introductions

    Hi everyone. My name is Janice. I live in Central Illinois and have published five books: three romantic comedies and two murder mysteries. I'm currently working on book three of what will ultimately be a 5 book arc in my mystery series. It's that series that brought me to this class. Books 1...
  17. Death of an Island Tart

    Death of an Island Tart

    She wanted a reconciliation. She got a murder. If you like a sleuth with attitude, you’ll love Kadence MacBride.
  18. Build a Mate

    Build a Mate

    Can a brother from another planet and a small town girl find a love that spans the galaxy?
  19. Janice Croom

    Discussion Cross Marketing for Authors Introduction

    My name is Janice Croom. I write the Kadence MacBride Mysteries and the Holiday With Love Romances. The best way to describe my sales trajectory is feast or famine. Although I do well with Countdown promotions, my sales drop like a stone between promos. I'm looking for ways to boost my sales...
  20. Death of an Idiot Boss

    Death of an Idiot Boss

    Ever had a boss you'd happily kill? Someone beat her to it. Amateur sleuth was never part of Kadence MacBride’s career plan. Neither was murder suspect. If she can’t find the real murderer, she’ll trade her red power suit for an orange jumpsuit. Available on Amazon.