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    Discussion Historical Research 101 Closing Thoughts...

    Great information to help me. Thanks!
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    From the Admins... Discover Your Author Personality Quiz Link

    Okay, thanks! I'm an artist, too! :)
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    From the Admins... Discover Your Author Personality Quiz Link

    I tried this twice last night. I took the quiz and entered my email to get my information and nothing happened. The toolbox button didn't work.
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    Discussion Excited for class in September!

    Or a handout like the others have so far. Thanks!
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    Discussion Excited for class in September!

    Hello, I'm looking forward to this webinar. Will we be given a slide presentation?
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    Lecture PLOT MATH mini intensive Savvy Writers Con September 2020 Welcome and Lect #1

    You are always so helpful. I love your classes! Thanks.
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    Lecture 1 Welcome and Intro -- Read This First

    Hi, I've co-written five indie pubbed books under my pen name, but my co-author did all the formatting and uploading, so I'm interested in learning. My local library has a Story Center that is funded by one of the two most famous and wealthy families in my city. They have excellent programs for...
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    Lecture How to be an Excellent Writer Mini-Intensive

    Thank you for the great tips. I can't wait to start using them.
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    Discussion Introduction to Historical Research 101

    Hi, I'm DeAnn Howe. I've co-written five indie published books. Four were paranormal cozies and for one in particular, I added in bits of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's life. I had great fun researching him and discovered he was a fascinating man. I'm currently writing on my own, a contemporary...
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    Lecture Welcome to class!

    Hello, I'm looking forward to this class. Please stay safe up there. I have family that had to evacuate around Medford and they sent some scary pics while stuck in traffic.
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    Question Does anyone use Plottr?

    I recently purchased Plottr. Two things I love about it. 1) It has templates that layout and use different genre beats all the mainstream ones out there (romance, 12 beats of mystery, save the cat, etc.). 2) You can plot and then upload into Scrivener and it will break everything out into index...
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    Announcement Are you ready???

    86 here with a string of 90s starting tomorrow. Too warm too fast but I'd rather have that than cold. :)
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    Sprint! Want to sprint?

    After 10 a.m. CDT most days.
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    Question Who are you and what do you hope to accomplish with Boot camp?

    Who you are: Denise but I write under DeAnn Howe Where you're from: Kansas City, MO Where you are in your writing career: Have five co-written indie books, working solo on a new book What you hope to get out of Boot camp: Accountability and 3/4 of my first draft completed. Have you participated...
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    Homework Beat Sheet - Act III - DeniseH

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    Lecture Note from Beth Thursday, May 28th

    Beth - thank you so much for all your help and ideas. This class has been so helpful for me. It forced to think about the progression of the novel and that was the thing holding me back. I've joined the Summer Bootcamp to actually work all the Blueprint ideas into the book now. Thanks to R.J., too.
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    Homework Beat Sheet - Act III - DeniseH

    As soon as I added hurt animal as an option I felt it was the right way to go. It makes it a different by not attacking the main character unlike other books but still hits her where it hurts. Yes, I like those ideas. It will be hard for me to kill a cat or dog, but you added a good idea with...