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  1. Diana Stout

    Lecture Building a Book Trailer Video

    I had never heard of Adobe Spark before! Having this information, these instructions are incredible. Thank you! (I'm so behind the lessons now, due to family problem/emergency. Don't give myself much hope of catching up, but there sure are a few I want to try to do!)
  2. Diana Stout

    Lecture Get Acquainted

    Hi, I'm Diana, am a multi-genre published indie author, retired English professor, writing full-time, and loving it! My biggest issue is the time it takes to market. Hoping to learn some new tricks.
  3. Diana Stout

    Lecture Video - Creating a Facebook Page

    I'm still getting a message of "Video Unavailable." Can you provide the title of the video itself so we can do a search for it, please?
  4. Diana Stout

    Lecture Video - Creating a Facebook Page

    Screen says "This video is unavailable." When I click on it, I'm taken to youtube dot com. Can you provide us with the title of the video, so we can do a search on the youtube website?
  5. Diana Stout

    Discussion Let's Connect

    Website - Sharpened Pencils Productions: Home - Sharpened Pencils Productions LLC Facebook author page: Log into Facebook Twitter: ScreenWryter13 or Pinterest: Goodreads: Diana Stout Instagram...
  6. Diana Stout

    From the Admins... PLEASE READ: How to Create a New Thread, Reply to a Post, and Attach a Document

    RJ - I'm glad you attached the PDF of this post because the images just show their titles. No pictures are showing within the thread. Must be the recent update is still creating wacky issues. Just thought you'd like to know what we're seeing. Best, Diana
  7. Diana Stout

    Lecture The Three M's of Marketing

    After reading this lecture, I totally understand how to market a non-fiction book. But how does selling the hole apply to a book of fiction? Are you appealing to the emotional journey of the main character instead of the plot events? Can you provide a few examples for marketing blurbs for fiction?
  8. Diana Stout

    Accountability Anyone heard of Atomic Habits?

    Send me a private message with your email address and your name so that I can provide you information.
  9. Diana Stout

    Accountability Anyone heard of Atomic Habits?

    I sent you a private message.
  10. Diana Stout

    Accountability Anyone heard of Atomic Habits?

    We meet at 2, chitchat briefly, sometimes not getting straight into the writing. Maybe announce what our goal is for the next hour, sometimes just nodding our heads at the question of: Does everyone have something to work on? Then we turn off our videos and mute ourselves, go write for the rest...
  11. Diana Stout

    Homework Mission/Vision/Value Statements

    I like this idea of having individual statements for different genres, different enterprises! Fantastic idea!
  12. Diana Stout

    Homework Mission/Vision/Value Statements

    This assignment is far more difficult. For me, I have three different areas of focus. Not sure I'm hitting them well with the Mission Statement: as a teacher, as a writer. Easier to do with Vision Statement. I discovered my values came out as a philosophy. Mission Statement – Dr. Diana Stout...
  13. Diana Stout

    Accountability Anyone heard of Atomic Habits?

    "to make sustainable change in your life, you have to change your systems not focus on goals" So true!!! Making changes that allow me to change my habit automatically takes me to the goals! I've been participating in my RWA's chapter Zoom write-ins for several months now, ever since we started...
  14. Diana Stout

    Lecture Motivation (Part 1)

    P.S. I love, love, love Maslow's Hierarchy!
  15. Diana Stout

    Lecture Motivation (Part 1)

    Reading about your football student, I'm reminded of a professor friend who read romances. While she never hid the fact from her friends that she did it, she called It her trash reading. I asked if it was trash--garbage--why she was wasting her money on it? She replied that romance was fun to...
  16. Diana Stout

    Lecture Welcome to the Wonderful World of Marketing

    I have no life either. LOL I live in 520 square feet (love it!) and my living room is my office, with no sofa or real chairs. I'm asked where I entertain. My response: I don't. LOL
  17. Diana Stout

    Homework Marketing Avatar Assignment

    Hmmm. Makes me think I need to go read your blurbs to get a better feel for what they should look like!
  18. Diana Stout

    Homework Marketing Avatar Assignment

    As I did this assignment, it was their essence that stood large before me. It wasn't about what they looked like or even what they liked outside of stories, but what they were after in reading stories, how the stories made them feel. And, as I start writing the second avatoar, Hannah, the third...
  19. Diana Stout

    Lecture Creating a Marketing Avatar

    Having read this first lecture now, I realize I never thought about having multiple avatars. Because I'm published in multiple genres that would make perfect sense! I'm trying to sell a romance short story to Woman's World and I got my hands on their sheets for advertisers that identify their...
  20. Diana Stout

    From the Admins... Automatic Email Subscription

    I'm getting the emails now of new posts and new threads. Thank you so much for your quick response!