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  1. Jess Calla

    Lecture Introduce yourself!

    Hi Angela! I hope you feel better soon! I registered late so I'm just catching up on everything. Get well soon! Jess
  2. Jess Calla

    Discussion Welcome

    Hi! Stuck in day job but will review everything this weekend! Thank you!
  3. Jess Calla

    Discussion 01. Welcome to Research for Fiction Writers

    Hi! Thanks for the posts. My pen name is Jessica Calla I'm currently at the day job but will look through everything tonight. My weirdest thing I've researched is probably about goats and issues they can have after birth!?!?!?! hahaha
  4. Jess Calla

    Discussion Introduction to Historical Research 101

    Hi! I'm new to historical, looking for any tips I can find. I'm writing about the turn of the century (1900) Syrian immigrants in NYC. A family genealogy study that revealed that my great grandfather was an immigrant who did silk weaving, and it sparked an interest. I've been reading up on Arab...
  5. Jess Calla

    Lecture Welcome to class!

    Hi :)
  6. Jess Calla

    This is very helpful! Thank you! I'll send you my book info!

    This is very helpful! Thank you! I'll send you my book info!
  7. Jess Calla

    I bet that would be helpful! Thanks!

    I bet that would be helpful! Thanks!
  8. Jess Calla

    Oh awesome, thanks!

    Oh awesome, thanks!
  9. Jess Calla

    Intros & Newbies Hi Everyone! Seeking advice...

    Hi Everyone! I'm wondering how I can use this site (I'm a premium member now!) to learn and meet people. Where should I start? What should I do? WHERE AM I ??? hahaha. I am a romance writer, small press and indie published. I did sign up for some of the SavvyWriterCon events, so I'm looking...