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  1. Ahayman

    Question Timeline

    Am I missing anything with this timeline? Tuesday Sissy and Sassy are at the fundraising party Wednesday Evening church for the twins where they chat with Callie and Karina Thursday Sissy and Sassy pick up their outfits for the murder mystery party train ride See Karina duck into the...
  2. Ahayman

    Homework Trouble With Christmas Cheer Synopsis

    Hello! I cannot for the life of me remember which week the plot synopsis goes to so I'm just tossing it under the Homework category. Feel free to take a look at it and offer feedback if you want.
  3. Ahayman

    Homework Hayman - Week 3 Homework

    1. Your narrator(s) and POV(s) This series is told using third person POV. There are two main narrators, Sissy and Sassy Crawford. I'm not sure if I'll switch within the series (one per book) or within each book. I thought about using Nadine as the narrator, kind of like her Watson to the...
  4. Ahayman

    Homework Week 2 Homework - April Hayman

    The first and last names (and professions, if possible) of your major characters. If you’re like me, some unexpected characters will appear as you’re writing. Don’t worry about them. Just get the key characters on paper for plotting purposes. These four are the heart of the series. They appear...
  5. Ahayman

    Homework April Hayman Week 1 Assignment

    1. Your mystery subgenre - Cozy 2. The city or town – a small town in Mississippi near Oxford 3. The premise – A set of septuagenarian twins solve a mystery on a train. 4. A few possible titles – all books begin with "The Trouble With" The Trouble with Christmas Cheer (1st book; rest are in...