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  1. Dana Wayne

    Homework Lesson Three - Dana

    Attached are my pages - made some changes based on previous feedback. Interested to hear your comments.
  2. Dana Wayne

    Homework Lesson Two - Dana

    The story opens with a dream sequence for the MC Max Logan, which provides some backstory on where he is at this time in his life. I tried to copy and paste but it messed up the formatting - that probably doesn't matter in this situation but it bothers me :-) so I did it as an attachment. If I...
  3. Dana Wayne

    Homework Lesson One - Dana

    I started this thinking I might make it a Christmas novella but I can already see that one: I'll never get it done in time and two: I think it needs to be novel length. We'll see what happens. It is a contemporary romance, currently untitled. The bullet passed so close to his cheek, he felt...
  4. Dana Wayne

    Intros & Newbies Another newbie

    I joined last year and wasn't able to participate in ANYTHING because of, well, life. My goal for 2017 is do more. I do have my first book out - self published - working/struggling with #2. I missed some really good sessions last year...hope to make up for it this year! Write On!