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  1. Dana Wayne

    Moderator Note Class PDF

    this is wonderful! Thank You! Life interfered with me staying caught up on the sessions so this is a great bonus!
  2. Dana Wayne

    There is always something new to be learned. I want to be the best I can be....that means always...

    There is always something new to be learned. I want to be the best I can be....that means always striving to learn new things :)
  3. Dana Wayne

    Discussion Instructor Introduction & Who Are You All?

    I am an indie author with five books out. Always looking for ways to improve my craft.
  4. Dana Wayne

    From the Admins... A HUGE thank you!

    Life kept interfering with participation but I'm hoping to catch up on my classes this week. I truly enjoyed everything, though! Great information and I'm thrilled to be able to put it to use!
  5. Dana Wayne

    Question How's it going?

    Enjoying the variety and tons of info I can use!
  6. Dana Wayne

    Lecture Exploring the Art of Characterization - 2 lectures

    Great information! Thank you!
  7. Dana Wayne

    Lecture Plotting Circle

    Great! Thanks!
  8. Dana Wayne

    Lecture #3 - Moving the Plot Forward

    Not sure this is exactly what you're asking, but here goes: *Beulah Mae "Bea" Lockhart has a scar on her face from a childhood accident that affects her whole life. She is made to feel ugly and unsuited for presentation to the social elite of which her family is a prominent member. *After a...
  9. Dana Wayne

    Lecture #2 - The Plotting Circle

    Great info! thank you.
  10. Dana Wayne

    Lecture Lesson #1 - Plotting Methods

    Great summary of ideas to help stay focused! I have always been a pantser, which is a double-edged sword for me. It allows my creative mind to come up with all sorts of neat situations for my characters to get into. Unfortunately, I also end up off on a tangent that throws me for a loop and I...
  11. Dana Wayne

    Announcement Access Details for LIVE Webinar - Friday September 11 at 6 p.m-7 p.m. EST

    Is this going to be available on replay? We had something come up and I missed it last night.
  12. Dana Wayne

    Lecture Lesson 2

    Wow! Great information! Thank you!
  13. Dana Wayne

    Discussion Welcome

    I have always considered myself a pantser but lately, I find myself getting stuck - repeatedly - and critique partner thinks some kind of plan is in order. So here I am :cool: Oh and I write contemporary, contemporary romantic suspense and western historical.
  14. Dana Wayne

    Lecture Lesson 1 - Welcome!

    Pen name: Dana Wayne Heat Level - 4 Genre: Contemporary/Romantic Suspense/Western Historical Author who denotes good sexual tension: My favorite book is Linda Howard's Mr. Perfect. One of her older books but the tension is there from the first page.
  15. Dana Wayne

    Lecture The Meet Cute

    I'm way behind on my H/H meet when she needs to cross a muddy street (1879 Texas) soon after her arrival. He's a blacksmith, she's a lady. Here's the first draft of their initial meeting. She sighed and debated options. Walking through the muck will ruin my shoes and my skirt. She...
  16. Dana Wayne

    Lecture The Ordinary World

    In my current WIP, I have like a heading above the first paragraph - is this considered acceptable? East Texas, Late February 1879 Chapter One A rain-sleet mixture pelted the grime-coated window of the train car, leaving a trail of muddy streaks that puddled at the bottom. Beulah Mae...
  17. Dana Wayne

    Lecture Plant Your Seed aka Your Favorite Trope(s)

    Loved Victoriine's list.
  18. Dana Wayne

    Lecture Story Mining

    New tool for the toolbox! Thanks!
  19. Dana Wayne

    Lecture Writing to Market... and HELLO EVERYONE!!!

    Lots of good info here - I like the Klytics reports - there is SOOOOO much info there - hard to know where to start!