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    Pitch Pratt Pitch

    Title: The Wishing Wall Genre: Historical Romance Length: 80,,000 words Author: Clarice Pratt When unruly Thea seeks aid from a secret society to avoid an arranged marriage, she’s sent the one person her ducal father wants dead--longtime neighbor Viscount Stanton, believed to have killed Thea’s...
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    Homework Lesson 3-Clarice

    This is what I got. 1. Opening Image- Wyvern enters through the gardens into a conservatory at a masquerade ball he wasn't invited to attend. He’s come at the request of his betrothed, a woman he has never met. He’s not certain why she wants to meet but suspects she doesn’t wish to...
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    HELP! Stuck on plot

    I've been trying to work out the plot and can't. I'm not happy with it and feel it's out of whack.
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    Homework Lesson 1 Clarice

    Attaching Lesson 1 for a Regency based on your suggestion. Also, same lesson below. Thanks. Cpratt Title: AN INNOCENT SCANDAL Author: Clarice Pratt Genre: Regency Romance 1. Who are your POV characters? a. Guy Durrant, the exacting Earl of Wyvern, 30-year-old, whose been working to...