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  1. Fran

    Homework Lesson Three Homework-Fran

    Big themes: Even though the science behind global warming was far from settled, Bernice was convinced climate change was threatening the biosphere’s zone of life. Her stratospheric ionization project would bring rationality into the issue, and find real solutions to climate mediation. The...
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    Homework Lesson Two Homework-Fran

    Theme: A justification to steal is to stop a disaster or stop someone from hurting themselves or another person. Brings awareness to the global warming farce and depopulation agenda: A young billionaire believes all life on earth will perish if humans and animals continue to exhale CO2, so...
  3. Fran

    Homework Lesson One Homework-Fran

    I'm a sharer, and I appreciate feedback. Here's my answers: What do you talk about at social gatherings or at the water cooler at work? People’s personal lives. What news stories make you smile? I don’t watch the news anymore. What news stories make your blood boil? All of them, that’s...
  4. Fran

    Homework Lesson 3 Homework-Fran

    I think the following backstory is okay, but needs tightening. Chapter 3, Page 2: Before: The closed sign on the door jolted her. Today was the first time ever that she hadn’t opened on time. Business was slow during the off-season, and she couldn’t afford to miss a sale. Aunt Edie had...
  5. Fran

    Homework Lesson 2 Fran

    Thanks for the push, Laura. I needed it! Here goes: Before: Geraldine crammed up against the wall out of Jim’s way. He paced up and down the narrow rows in Oliver’s office searching for a cell signal. Kara trailed him. “Captain Jim, I must know if Dan found my ship.” “I’m trying Kara.” He...
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    Homework 1 Fran

    Any comments are greatly appreciated.:giggle: The rainstorms the night before had made an obstacle course of the high-tide line, forcing Geraldine to zig-zag around clumps of seaweed and crushed shells.
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    Homework Ending Well-Fran

    Psycho House by Robert Bloch: “Let me make a suggestion,” Steiner said. “When you’re finished, maybe you can write another book, about life in the asylum.” “Here?” [Amy-coprotag] “No.” Steiner gestured toward the window. “Out there.” My Ending Before: Tears dripped down Finn’s...
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    Homework Surprise-Fran

    Before: How many moments passed? Geraldine couldn’t breathe. Rustling, twigs breaking. She gulped air. Jim emerged from the woods carrying a body-shaped bundle of blankets. Geraldine’s her heart raced. Jim somberly carried her long dead mother across the clearing. The stiff bundle could...
  9. Fran

    Homework Blurting-Fran

    I realize this isn't really answering the assignment, but we are running out of time, and I haven't found a more suitable scene. Since I'm revising a sci-fi thriller presently, I'm looking for applicable homework assignments as I edit. Don't have time to fish in other WIPS. Hope its somewhat...
  10. Fran

    Homework Lying-Fran

    “Quick, Dan. Let’s get our story straight.” The cab’s interior lit up. Jim shielded his eyes from the glaring headlights of an approaching vehicle. Too low for an ambulance. “We’re out of time. A deer sound about right?” “You bet,” Dan said.
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    Homework Launching a Scene- Fran

    “You’ve been holding Finn’s parents’ captive in this horrid tunnel this whole time and never said a word!” Geraldine shoved him away.
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    Homework Revealing Character-Fran

    Finn’s face brightened and her grip on Geraldine’s hand tightened. “Wait just a second, here.” Geraldine shook her head frantically. “Let’s find that master key. And then we’ll all go inside with Finn.” “We’d be spotted right away,” Oliver said. “Even if that do-dad works this time, how will...
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    Homework Stress-Fran

    Mike pulled into the station house’s rear lot. “Later, dude.” “Would you put it in park, at least long enough for him to get out?” Flora hated the way Mike acted when it was his turn to collar up. He slammed the gear shift into park and glared at her. “Happy?” “Gregg, hand me the clipboard from...
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    Homework Lesson Homework 2-Fran

    Geraldine’s Backstory Summary Goal: Geraldine wants to keep Finn safe until she can reunite her with her parents. Motivation: Geraldine doesn’t want the girl to grow up not knowing if her parents are dead or alive, like Geraldine did. And she won’t allow a cold government agency to take...
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    Homework Trigger Moment-Fran

    I’m not getting this right, but I’ll try anyway. The editor, Rourke Donovan: Rourke prints the story the morning after the arrests of the burglary ring in a special issue featuring the story. He does not report on or investigate the pharmaceutical fraud case. He calls Prosper to inform him...
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    Homework The Hero's Core-Fran

    The Hero’s Core Assignment Wife: protective, sweet Son: old-fashioned, stubborn Neighbor: humble, smart Best Friend: loyal, frugal I’ll have to toughen the main character up a little if I want to give him the role of a small-newspaper reporter.
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    Homework Labels and Trigger Moments Assignment-Fran

    Trigger Moments Assignment I didn’t write the first one as a mini scene because I’ll probably use it for the next assignment and I’m tired. Brain is going to sleep. The trigger will be how the main character reacts to the editor’s failure to investigate the fraud case. His disappointment, and...
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    Homework Sub-Characters-Fran

    This was fun! But I'm getting carried away. Even switched to first person. Sorry its so long. Embellishing Stereotypes/Roles: Best friend- librarian- retired NYC clerk of records-Moved to the fictional town in southwest Florida where his best friend and his wife retired to a few years ago...
  19. Fran

    Homework Block Out Your Hero- Fran

    Male, 70 years old, shorter than average height, strong slender build Who does your character most want to impress? He wants to impress his technology-based scientist son. He wants his son to benefit from all his life experience. But his son is caught up in facts and science, and doesn’t take...
  20. Fran

    Discussion Thank you

    Great workshop, Shannon! Really good stuff! Now its up to me to absorb and apply. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and experience.