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  1. Megan Applegate

    Discussion Class Wrap Up Q&A and Idea Exchange

    Hi guys! So we've reached the end of our journaling road together and I feel like I learned as much as I've tried to teach. You guys have an arsenal of tricks and tech tips at your disposal that I'm excited to try. For this last post, I really want to open the floor to all of you...
  2. Megan Applegate

    Lecture Lesson Five: Journaling for Character

    Lesson 5: Journaling for Character Hi, writers! So, here we are. Our final official lesson of the course. What a ride, eh?! On Friday, I’m going to open up a new thread and we’re going to have ourselves a big ol’ party. We’ll ask questions. We’ll look at examples of other journals if I can...
  3. Megan Applegate

    Lecture Lesson 4: Journaling for Plot Issues

    Hi, writers! I’m hoping everyone had a great weekend. In case you missed it, I opened up a couple of discussion posts in the classroom so we can share any attempts at journaling we like. HOMEWORK: Just so we’re clear—I’m not the official “homework” type of instructor….never have been in all...
  4. Megan Applegate

    Discussion Project Journaling

    I think we could use a separate space to share our project journaling questions, transcripts or photos. Once I find that phantom USB cord for my camera, I'll be posting a few (rather embarrassing) examples of my own. Don't mind the awful handwriting!
  5. Megan Applegate

    Discussion NaJoWriMo Thread

    I'm doing my best to keep this going this week and thought if you had any thoughts or wanted to post a specific response to a prompt, this would be a great place to do it!
  6. Megan Applegate

    Lecture Lesson 3: Project-Specific Journaling

    Hi there! Our moderator brought it to my attention that some of you have been asking questions and I’ve been so RUDE! Good gracious, I am sorry. I am used to getting email notifications when a new comment/question is posted and I’m thinking I’m not setting up my preferences up correctly...
  7. Megan Applegate

    Lecture Lesson 2: Big-Picture Journaling as a Writer

    Hi, writers! So on Monday I went over the basics of journaling in general—it’s awesome for a whole host of readings that go beyond our keyboards. But, let’s be honest, we’re all here for the benefits journaling can provide while we’re at our keyboards! Today I’m going to illustrate a few of...
  8. Megan Applegate

    Lecture Lesson One: Journaling Benefits and Intros!

    Welcome Hi there, writers! First of all…thankyouthankyouthankyou for taking this journey with me. I wasn’t sure a topic like journaling would catch any traction with my fellow scribes, but I was sure hoping it would. My hope for you in this course is that something that I throw at these...