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  1. J4Austin

    SHOUT it out! Now available...Homeless Joy

    Homeless Joy: An exposé in poetry was conceived as a follow up to J.L. Wright’s first book, Unadoptable Joy: A memoir in poetry and prose. As she wrote the honest journey of growing up in foster-care, Miss Wright looked deeper at her story - not knowing if her family and her home was permanent...
  2. J4Austin

    Discussion What do you want from your poetry workshop?

    Many people write strictly for themselves. Why? Because they fear criticism. But how can you ensure what you write is ready for public consumption without readers? The poetry workshop should be comfortable supportive part of the process of preparing your writing for the public.
  3. J4Austin

    Intros & Newbies Hello fellow writers...I'm seeking poetry partner

    I'm new to this group. Joined because I am seeking a poetry critique partner. I have published one book and have appeared in several anthologies and am a regular on the net. I write short poetry usually free verse and use my poetry to tell stories and convey specific messages. I am am a...