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  1. Ariel Heart

    Discussion Introduction

    Hello there, I am indie published with 5 cozy mysteries and one suspense thriller. I need to do better at signing events and jumped on this class. I am working on my 2nd thriller after launching my first in a paranormal cozy last May. Thank you for the videos, I am going through them now...
  2. Arrowed


    It all began when a dying man with an arrow in his chest grabs her ankle.
  3. First Bite: Accidental Vampire PI #1

    First Bite: Accidental Vampire PI #1

    What's a positive thought girl to do when she finds herself one of the undead? Recite plenty of affirmations and use those new toothy skills to assist her PI boss, of course.
  4. Ariel Heart

    Plot-Structure-GMC Hybrid Pre-Plan Your Best Novel with Ariel Heart

    Do you get into writing and pouring your ideas out onto the page and hit a wall, unsure where your story should go next? Do you have a great idea with a few scenes in mind, but can't picture how to get a full story together? Do you have a few books you have started that sit on your computer...
  5. Spiked: Resort to Murder 3

    Spiked: Resort to Murder 3

    Julienne needs only three things: successfully pull of a last minute wedding relocated to her resort, work out things with her stubborn ex- boyfriend, and solve the murder of a private investigator found with her business card on his dead body. Cozy mystery with strong heroine and dash of romance.
  6. TheSociety_Medium.jpg


    A troubled young woman looking into the disappearance of her friend, an FBI agent, and a young journalist each on the trail of a White Supremacist secret society manipulating events to gain control of the nation. Each has parts of the puzzle, but time is running out to stop the well-planned agenda.
  7. Ariel Heart

    Promotion Service Bundle Rabbit

    BundleRabbit bundles ebooks into box sets which saves you time and money. They do all the work, you just find a bundle match. They divide the proceeds to each bundle participant too.
  8. Ariel Heart

    Bundle Rabbit

    Ariel Heart submitted a new Recommendation: Bundle Rabbit - Get your book into a bundle promotion Read more about this Recommendation...
  9. Ariel Heart

    Promotion Service Story Origin

    Newsletter swaps and group giveaways to build your subscribers and expose your novels to broader audiences. The more people involved the better opportunities for all.
  10. Ariel Heart

    Story Origin

    Ariel Heart submitted a new Recommendation: Story Origin - Inexpensive Marketing Opportunity Read more about this Recommendation...
  11. Ariel Heart

    Promotion Service Authors Cross Promotion

    From their website: Hi. I'm Amy Vansant. That's me drinking a bloody Mary on the left. Why? Because I was spending all my time testing out promotion sites, trying to find editors, trying to find cover artists, trying to think of new ways to promote my books... when I SHOULD HAVE BEEN WRITING...
  12. Nailed: Resort to Murder Mystery II

    Nailed: Resort to Murder Mystery II

    284 page cozy mystery featuring a strong young professional woman in luxury resorts.
  13. ICED


    282 page cozy mystery set in luxury resort featuring a strong yet funny heroine with zany family and eccentric neighbors.