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  1. RJ Garside

    Announcement Instructors need love too! Please consider leaving a review at the end of the class. :)

    Hello, Thanks so much for taking this workshop. We hope you enjoyed it and you learned a lot! We are asking registrants at the end of the class to leave a review for a workshop. This helps to boost the reputation of our wonderful instructors. If you don't have a sparkling review, please feel...
  2. RJ Garside

    From the Admins... PLEASE READ: How to Create a New Thread, Reply to a Post, and Attach a Document

    Hello, Please read till the end of this thread to learn how to create a new thread, reply to a post, and attach a document. Finding your classroom and other registered classes: Once you’ve logged in to the SavvyAuthors, you can either find your classroom through the access details that you...
  3. RJ Garside

    From the Admins... Automatic Email Subscription - PLEASE READ

    Hello! Our system automatically subscribes all registrants to email notification when a post is made in a workshop that they've registered for. We ask moderators and presenters to post before the class/event officially opens to ensure that when the registrant receives access to the workshop on...