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    Lindsey Is Awesome

    Just locked down one of her August spots!
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    Intros & Newbies Hi Everyone!

    Glad to have you!
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    Watercooler First Person... with Omniscient? Yay or Nay?

    I think it can work if done right. Or if you aren't sure, write it both ways, set it aside for a week, then read them both and make a gut reaction decision.
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    Lindsey Is Awesome

    jrgoetz submitted a new Recommendation: Lindsey Is Awesome - Independent Editor I had a great experience with Read more about this Recommendation...
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    Editor Lindsey Is Awesome

    Independent editor who will do beta reads, proofreads, line edits, and more.
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    Promo & Marketing Great experience with this editor

    So I just got my novel back from an independent editor and wanted to give her a shout out. Lindsey was awesome, not just with her work, which I was happy with, but also in terms of her bedside manner, affordability, and general demeanor. 10/10 would recommend if you are looking for someone. She...
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    I was super worried about this last time (which was my first time) as well. If my memory serves...

    I was super worried about this last time (which was my first time) as well. If my memory serves, you can pitch a project to an agent one time, and up to three different project at most. When Pitchfest opens and you see someone you like, you can bookmark the thread and comment on it. Some of the...
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    Intros & Newbies Hello

    That's the same way I ended up here late last year. I have been happy with the community and think the pitch polish course I took was super helpful. Good luck!
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    Intros & Newbies Nice to meet you!

    Welcome, glad to have you
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    Intros & Newbies Hello! :-)

    I get that. I actually think that is one of the unexpectedly difficult parts about the first book, finding out all you don't know about what you don't know.
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    Intros & Newbies Hello! :-)

    I know a couple of editors for when you are ready. Planning is key, I'm assuming you would want at the very least the synopsis for all three sections of the trilogy and a finished first volume before querying?
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    Intros & Newbies Hello! :-)

    Meh, I had one hit at the last pitchfest but we were not a good fit. I've been using querytracker and trying to get query letters out regularly. Am meeting with a friend in the industry to get tweaks on the letter. I signed up for the prep class that starts next week and am curious to see how...
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    Intros & Newbies Hello! :-)

    Two good friends of mine work as editors, one in romance, one in more general fiction and do manuscript reviews and the like. If you are moving forward and want their contact info shoot me a PM
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    Cleaning Company Concept

    This has a concept similar to the Orphan X books to a certain degree, might be helpful for you to read one, or even just knock out the summaries. There has to be a desperation that motivates, something that makes bad consequences even worse, or uncommon splash back. Agree with the above as well...
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    Intros & Newbies Hello! :-)

    I don't think so, at least at this juncture. What about you?
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    Good luck!

    Good luck!
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    SHOUT it out! Books we loved in 2022

    So one book that I was blown away with this year was Who They Was by Gabriel Kruze? Anyone else happen to pick it up? I actually went back about six weeks later and gave it a second read through, and usually I wait at least a year to do so. Similar vein, slightly less good, but still a solid...
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    Intros & Newbies Hello! :-)

    I am also trying to put in some work on getting my first novel out there, and polishing my second to start to get it ready to query. Would be open to working on pitches as well since Pitchfest is in something like six weeks
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    How To... How to write the perfect first line...or not!

    There was a period of time that I always seemed to have that first line ready to go. Then it disappeared. Now, sometimes I struggle and work on it for an hour, getting more and more frustrated. I try to remind myself to push past that, just get to the part I can write, and circle back. Sometimes...