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  1. Marta Ferguson

    Lecture Testing

    I dunno if this is helpful as feedback, but I see posts by both Tasha and Beth.
  2. Marta Ferguson

    Lecture PLEASE READ: How to Create a New Thread, Reply to a Post, and Attach a Document

    Looks good. I'm the learn-by-trial-and-error type, so I'll have to mess around with things some and then things will click.
  3. Marta Ferguson

    Business Wanna Be on YouTube? Here's How! with Marta Ferguson

    * Please note that this is a video class. The videos will be pre-recorded and made available for registrants. * I currently run two YouTube channels: Marta’s Magical Mystery Class and Marta’s SciFi Seminar. In this video series, I’ll tell you the why, what, and how of all you’ll need to join me...