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  1. RJ Garside

    All things writing Six Figure Author by Chris Fox

    It's so hard to write for market because it changes so often. I've heard vampires are coming back. NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!
  2. RJ Garside

    Watercooler What are you reading?

    That's cool, @BonnieRS! I know some editors/agents don't like reading slush, but I just leave reading it especially when you find a hidden gem! :)
  3. RJ Garside

    Watercooler What are you reading this week?

    Can't go wrong with a cowboy seal homecoming. :) Who's the author? I'm always looking for new recommendations.
  4. RJ Garside

    Watercooler What are you reading this week?

    Finally finished with my final and I have the time to read! I am reading Published.: The Proven Path From Blank Page to Published Author by Chandler Bolt.
  5. RJ Garside

    Intros & Newbies Greetings

    Hi, Barb! Welcome to Savvy! Congratulations on completing your middle grade! Are you querying agents or publishers?
  6. RJ Garside

    Watercooler Cowboy to the Core by Maisey Yates

    Always good to find another cowboy romance author to read. I'll check her out when I'm looking for my next book. I'm currently reading... It's a bit of a slow start to the book. I really like the writer's voice. The lead character is interesting and has a realistic YA voice. Unfortunately, I...
  7. RJ Garside

    All things writing Six Figure Author by Chris Fox

    I've seen that book but I haven't read it yet. I'm just starting this one...
  8. RJ Garside

    Promo & Marketing Facebook algorithm changes reducing organic post reach (anyone surprised? grrr)

    Gah! I avoid Facebook pretty much at all costs. It's such a headache trying to keep up with everything they are doing.
  9. RJ Garside

    Accountability Happy Monday, all! What are your writing goals for the week?

    I'm not really writing, but I am editing my cowboy romance from a couple of years ago. Apparently, it's not THAT cringe worthy. LOL! :)
  10. RJ Garside

    Announcement So we're mixing it up a bit!

    Yep. It's easy to see and to navigate. Woo hoo!
  11. RJ Garside

    Intros & Newbies Just joined up

    Hi @hank-quense! Welcome to SavvyAuthors. :) RJ
  12. RJ Garside

    Intros & Newbies Newbie Here!

    Hi @CS Simpson! Welcome to Savvy! What genre do you write? RJ
  13. RJ Garside

    Watercooler Writing Software?

    I tried Dragon for text-to-speech but it didn't work for me and I was left screaming bad words that didn't show up properly on the screen either. I like Scrivener but I tend to get lost and focus more on making this things pretty and organized than writing. I like my good old laptop or I like...
  14. RJ Garside

    Watercooler What are you reading?

    Gotta love the Godfather. It's a classic that never disappoints. Mario Puzo. :)
  15. RJ Garside

    Watercooler What are you reading?

    I absolutely agree. It's not many authors that I follow so consistently and that I'm never disappointed after finishing her books. She's fabulous.
  16. RJ Garside

    Watercooler What are you reading?

    Ohhhh! I LOVE Maisey Yates! She writes a great cowboy romance. I'm reading The Love Playbook by Size Windgardner. It's a YA Rom. :)
  17. RJ Garside

    Craft Writing Funny – Bring Comedy into Your Fiction with Becky Martinez

    What is a good way to distinguish yourself as an author? To make readers look specifically for your books next time they are visiting Amazon or in a bookstore? Easy! It’s an old tradition that goes way back and has been a staple in books, movies and plays forever – make them laugh! Comedy is an...
  18. RJ Garside

    Spring Edit Bootcamp

    You have a manuscript nearly done! HUZZAH! But wait...nearly is not done. Finish up your drafty book before the summer and the beach and pool beckon. Spend the month with your Savvy Friends working toward a common goal: a finished, polished and ready to pitch manuscript. In a few short weeks...