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  1. Latin Lady

    HELP! Writers Con- I missed it all.

    Hi Lesilie, Thanks for getting back to me so quick. I am interested in the classes: 1. Sexual Tension 2. Grow Character and Plot 3. Plot your novel with the plotting circle 4. Exploring the art of characterization 5. Emotion class today at 12 noon. Thanks Lillian
  2. Latin Lady

    HELP! Writers Con- I missed it all.

    I registered for the Writers Con early . When I registered I didn’t see classes to register for. Looked forward to it all summer considering the kind of year I have had. But due to undergoing medical treatments this past 2 months, I missed out on registering early so I am closed out of all...
  3. Latin Lady

    Watercooler Writing Software?

    Hi Vickieleah, I use Scrivener for compiling my research and notes. However, Ulysesses has improved my word count. I can write without distraction. Lillian
  4. Latin Lady

    Watercooler On Line Writing Partner

    HI, My name is Lillian. I am working on a novel. I am one of those weird writers that needs to hear others typing to write. I usually go to local library to write. However, I have tried Face Time with writers and it works well. I do not need a critique parter as much as I need someone to commit...