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  1. hank-quense

    SHOUT it out! Fiction Writing Workshop for Kids

    I just finished a new lecture series called Fiction Writing Workshop for Kids. It has three story ideas in it and each story idea is expanded to show kids how to create a story. It uses color-coded text boxes to focus the kids creativity and collect their ideas. The regular price is $19.99...
  2. hank-quense

    SHOUT it out! NaNoWriMo article

    Angie's Diary published an article of mine. You can read it here: What Happens After NaNoWriMo? | Angie's Diary
  3. hank-quense

    SHOUT it out! Booklife Assessment

    Booklife (part of Publishers Weekly) posted this assessment of my new book: How to Self-publish and Market a Book. Score: Plot/Idea: 10 Originality: 9 Prose: 9 Character/Execution: 9 Overall: 9.25
  4. hank-quense

    Intros & Newbies Just joined up

    I'm an experienced author (fiction and non-fiction) and a self-publisher. Just looking for others to hang out with