1. Second & Inches

    Second & Inches

    As a quarterback, the game is all that matters. Kozmo has little time for his family, and he can't remember the last time he's seen his best-friend, but that changes when he invites Julissa to his annual getaway. What he didn't count on was catching a spark and lighting a flame for her.
  2. Fumble Recovery

    Fumble Recovery

    Alvin was more focused on his career as the star running back, than the girl he claimed to love. Alani has been avoiding her famous ex for more than a year, but her newest interior design project has brought her face-to-face with the one person she hoped she’d never have to see again.
  3. Uncovering Her Cravings

    Uncovering Her Cravings

    Leilani is obsessed with happily ever after… as long as it comes in a book, so becoming a social media manager was a no-brainer. Alexander Rutherford has crushed on his older sister’s best friend for years. Now that he's a successful business owner, he's out to prove he's worthy of her heart.
  4. Uncovering Her Hunger

    Uncovering Her Hunger

    Desire enjoys two things in life, cooking and doing whatever or whomever she wants. Midnight Wolfe has been living the dream, half his time spent at home, the other half traveling the world and taking photos. Circumstances bring them together and lead them toward a love neither thought they’d find.
  5. Uncovering Her Emotions

    Uncovering Her Emotions

    Alanya has lived her life guarded and focused on others. When she thought her dream was within reach, it was ripped away by the one man she'd finally trusted enough to open up to. When Demontré is paired with her on a renovation for the bakery where Alanya works, her long-held anger shifts to love.
  6. Uncovering Her Petty

    Uncovering Her Petty

    Jada was focused on rebuilding her life and nothing more. But when the past knocked on her door in the form of the college boyfriend who left her for gridiron dreams, her newly-charted plan began to falter. Tra’Mel has to overcome Jada's emotional obstacles and the heartbreak he’d caused her.