1. Jasmine eCover.jpg

    Jasmine eCover.jpg

    Four of my best friends and I started a journey five years ago not knowing where it would take us. We built an empire from the bottom up, and now we are successful businesswomen. But one thing has been missing: love.
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    Four remarkable women. Four unforgettable stories of hope, courage, faith and love.
  3. The Maw and Other Time-Traveling Lizard Tales

    The Maw and Other Time-Traveling Lizard Tales

    An alt-history story cycle featuring Aztecs, mermaids, pirates, steampunk, dinosaurs, and of course, time-traveling lizards. Print and Kindle, on Amazon.
  4. Mystic Desire Front.jpg

    Mystic Desire Front.jpg

    A collection of short paranormal romance stories from a talented group of authors. From witches and warlocks to time travel and zombies, these fascinating stories will make you laugh, cry and smile.
  5. The Keeper's Secret and Other Tales

    The Keeper's Secret and Other Tales

    FOREWORD for The Keeper's Secret Anthology Whether it’s history itself getting lost in the stone silence of a lighthouse or the time flow of medieval armor clashing from the grave into the now of your mind, this year’s honor roll of top stories from Tell-Tale Publishing will put you up in your...
  6. Secret Santa and Other Tales

    Secret Santa and Other Tales

    FOREWORD for Secret Santa Anthology Oh, the Horror! The Horror! I've been a fan since my older sister used to wake me up so I could sneak down to watch Creature Feature when I was in elementary school! Funny, I never could seem to get back to sleep . . . While my main writing...
  7. Vacuity and Other Tales

    Vacuity and Other Tales

    The best anthology yet! Dare to journey through the bloody mind of a madwoman, or escape, if you can, from an underground military compound, where secret experiments may land you on the menu. Perhaps you’d like to see what the witches in Salem are doing this Halloween, or what really happened...
  8. Con(viction) Anthology of the Con #2

    Con(viction) Anthology of the Con #2

    What happens at Comic-Con stays at Comic-Con, or does it? It started with a day at the San Diego Comic-Con and he seemed like such a nice guy...and she fell in more ways than one.