body language

  1. Paris Wynters

    Craft Body Language for Writers with Paris Wynters

    Body language is a key ingredient in correctly conveying the emotion you need to add power to your story. This class will teach writers how to use body language to make their characters stronger and more real so they become more than talking heads.
  2. K

    Craft The People We Meet—Using Body Language To Show Emotion with Kathy Otten

    The People We Meet—Using Body Language To Show Emotion. As writers we are constantly reminded to show, not tell our stories. Understanding how your characters react to the story problems and to other characters is a key element in connecting your readers to your characters in a believable way...
  3. Dr. Clark

    Research Body Language, Lying, and Manipulation with Dr. Cynthia Lea Clark

    A person may lie when speaking but the body rarely does. This class looks at what body movements, gestures really mean. Even a good liar can’t hide what his/her body is thinking. Tips to spot when someone is not being honest with you. A person could be manipulated through body language – both...