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  1. BDSM Writers Con

    BDSM Writers Con

    Stories on pleasure and pain with a BDSM flavor from every palette--whether you like your BDSM Light, Advanced or with a Dark Erotic edge. Written by featured authors at BDSM Writers Con. Edited by Dr. Charley Ferrer, world-renowned BDSM Expert Educator. Pre-order @
  2. Sex Unlimited

    Sex Unlimited

    Everything you need to know about sex and dating but were afraid to ask. Warning: this is not your grand-mother's dating manual. It's scandalous and edgy with just the right mix to make being bad, oh so good!
  3. BDSM Writers Con Anthology 2015

    BDSM Writers Con Anthology 2015

    How do you take your BDSM? Light and naughty or with bolder twists and turns that’ll leave you wanting more? Or do you travel along the razor’s edge, demanding a lover surrender all? Check out this great short stories from nine of our featured authors.
  4. Naughty Games & Activities

    Naughty Games & Activities

    Fun playful activities book with naughty games for hours of fun. Contains mazes, mandalas, connect the dots, secret messages, Sudoku, word search, and more.
  5. Domme says...

    Domme says...

    Domme says provides sassy playful comments with a BDSM twist created by America’s Intimacy and BDSM Expert, Dr. Charley Ferrer. This journal book provides you with lines to jot down your thoughts and ideas.
  6. BDSM for Writers

    BDSM for Writers

    Provides information on the foundation of dominance and submission and more. It provides the information every author needs to know about the basics as well as provides helpful information on more advanced techniques such as training a slave, the use of punishment and humiliation, and more.