1. Deborah Bailey

    Lecture Lecture 1 - Additional Points about Setting

    Hi everyone! I realized that I wanted to elaborate just a bit more about setting. Adding fictional elements to your real world setting When you think about the setting, also consider the culture and how it fits with the location. In a contemporary you may be fitting into a current culture in...
  2. CupidsListFinal-compressed.jpg


    What happens when you find the man who checks all the boxes on your Cupid's List?
  3. Naughty List compressed.jpg

    Naughty List compressed.jpg

    What happens when your boss finds your naughty letter to Santa?
  4. final-TL.jpg


    Eric was exactly what Sara needed. Nathan was what Sara wanted. Sweet, sexy, and steamy all in a single tale of love, passion, and duplicity.
  5. Jasmine eCover.jpg

    Jasmine eCover.jpg

    Four of my best friends and I started a journey five years ago not knowing where it would take us. We built an empire from the bottom up, and now we are successful businesswomen. But one thing has been missing: love.
  6. Lyrical Embrace.jpg

    Lyrical Embrace.jpg

    Will Erica listen to the music in her heart and trust Dylan, or will her past always threaten her future?
  7. Banged Up

    Banged Up

    Stand-alone title
  8. Rip Cord: The Reunion & The Weekend

    Rip Cord: The Reunion & The Weekend

    Rip Cord trilogy, novella 1 & 2
  9. Brothers in Blue: Max

    Brothers in Blue: Max

    Brothers in Blue trilogy, Book 1
  10. Double Dare

    Double Dare

    The Dare Menage Series, book 1
  11. Dreams of Her Own

    Dreams of Her Own

    Book #3, Dreams Come True
  12. Merry Christmas, Baby

    Merry Christmas, Baby

    All of Larue and Thunder Point is a twitter over the return of their hometown hero Ducane Beauregard Larue and nothing would make Buffy Romano happier than helping her loved ones find their happily-ever-afters starting with her Christmas Eve party.
  13. Her First Knight

    Her First Knight

    He was a Ranger, CEO, inventor, the consummate planner, veterans' advocate. So how had he wound up on stage in nothing but his trousers and tie with a hundred women screaming "Take it off"?
  14. Her Last Shot

    Her Last Shot

    Girl next door Rachel Darling has been in love with local baseball hero, Bastien LeBeau, for her whole life. Now that he's back in town, can she convince him that she’s the right woman for him or will he lose the best thing that might ever happen to him?
  15. Going All The Way

    Going All The Way

    Image consultant, Stacia Kendall must fix bad-boy baseball player Jason Friar's reputation to save both their careers from employment strike out. But, after an amazing one-night stand, it's going to take every trick play to keep them from going all the way.