1. terrimain

    Business Creating Professional E-Book Covers Using Free Online Tools with Terri Main

    One of the jobs many indie publishers farm out is cover design. Certainly, the most visible marketing tool today is your cover. During the days of physical bookstores all people saw of most books were the spines of the book. But today with online stores, every book is "face front." However, you...
  2. G

    Book Cover Artists Drop Dead Designs

    From their website: People decide within the first two seconds of seeing your book cover, whether they will read it or not. You must have a unique and eye-catching book cover that stands out from the rest. The great news is, this does not have to cost you a fortune! Are you a new author looking...
  3. A

    Book Cover Artists Patrick Sipperly: Book Cover Design/ Video Productions

    From their website: The best book cover design is one that attracts readers to buy the book, without misleading them. Something eye-catching and relevant to the story. Cool book covers won't embarrass the reader if they're reading the book in public. They'll be glad to show it off! We aren't...
  4. Dawn_McClure

    Book Cover Artists Premade Ebook Cover Shop

    Premade & custom covers for several different genres, box set covers, social media promotional images...and more.