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  1. TashaHutchison

    Lecture Wordy Writer - Day 2

    Welcome back! By now you should have determined the main plot of your story, the who’s who, and what a unique POV to keep your readers engaged. This lesson will delve deeper into the roles your characters will play in your story. Day Two: -Creating Conflict -Conflict Grid -Character Chart...
  2. TashaHutchison

    Lecture Wordy Writer - Day 1

    Happy Friday! Welcome to Wordy Writer's mini intensive workshop. Thank you for taking the time to learn more about our organizer. For the next three days, we'll go through most of the organizer, but you will create the bones of your blueprint. So let's get started. Always feel free to refer to...
  3. TashaHutchison

    All things writing Writing tools

    If you would like an easy and quick way to create your story, Wordy Writer Organizers are a great way to do so. You’ll know for sure if your story idea is strong enough to get to your resolution aka THE END. If you want to know more, sign up for our free class here on Savvy Authors!
  4. TashaHutchison

    Lecture Testing

    I hope I'm doing this correctly? Thanks you guys.
  5. Jacqui Jacoby

    Lecture Thriller. Lec # Research, Basiic

    Writing the Thriller Instructor: Jacqui Jacoby Spring 2019 Researching Our Projects When a reader picks up a novel at their local book sellers, they might read the back cover blurb. Maybe they will flip open to the first couple of pages. They might even take the sneaky route and take a peek...