1. Liz

    Webinar Second Pass Editing Webinar with Liz Pelletier

    Second Pass Edits You’ve successfully looked at plot, characters, stakes, and structure during your first pass of edits. But are you done? Not. Even. Close. Next up is a closer look at refining characters, fixing plot holes, upping the all important internal conflict, developing stronger end...
  2. J

    Special Event GET THAT BOOK WRITTEN: Plot, Write, and Edit the DARN Book! with Jennifer Herrington

    Spend 12 weeks with a freelance editor to plot, write, and edit your romance or mystery book. Please register at least one week before to start on the character development, GMC, and brainstorming for your plot. Come with a story idea and some background to help the plotting process. Two weeks...
  3. Becky Martinez

    Craft Let's Edit! with Becky Martinez

    You’ve written “The End” to your story and now you’re ready to send it out. Wait! Not so fast. You need to spend some time making certain that your final product is the best you can offer, whether you are sending it off to an editor or to publish the book yourself. Learn how to edit your story...