erotic romance

  1. Angela Knight

    Genre Burning Ink: Writing Steamy Romances with NY Times Bestselling author Angela Knight

    In this class, a New York Times bestselling author of erotic romance explores how to write romance hot enough burn the pixels off the screen. She discusses the creation of characters with the kind of intense sensuality needed in erotic romance; building a believable erotic attraction that gets...
  2. Calla's Summer Fantasy.jpg

    Calla's Summer Fantasy.jpg

    After the hottest night of her life, Calla faced the ultimate decision. Should she commit to the one man who secretly loved her all along, or keep her options open and indulge in her summer fantasy again and again?
  3. Dangerous in a Kilt

    Dangerous in a Kilt

    Feisty American. Hot Scot. Passion ignites.
  4. Rip Cord: The Reunion & The Weekend

    Rip Cord: The Reunion & The Weekend

    Rip Cord trilogy, novella 1 & 2
  5. Brothers in Blue: Max

    Brothers in Blue: Max

    Brothers in Blue trilogy, Book 1
  6. Sahara Roberts

    Moderator Note Getting Started in Writing Erotic Romance - PDF

    These notes are provided by your workshop instructors and SavvyAuthors.Com for your personal use, please do not distribute them.
  7. Tempted by a Kiss

    Tempted by a Kiss

    'When friends become lovers, can one night ever be enough?