family saga

  1. 2021_5_20 3D AIRDRIE of hard bound book**.png

    2021_5_20 3D AIRDRIE of hard bound book**.png

    Airdrie, a Young Adult memoir by internationally-acclaimed artist, Margot McMahon shows the safe haven of her home called Airdrie while her parents are journalistically covering society change in the 1960s with art and writing.
  2. A Summer of Hope

    A Summer of Hope

    Book Three - Croc Brothers Romance is set in Currumbin, Queensland, Australia.
  3. Beach Cottage Haven

    Beach Cottage Haven

    Pepper Cassidy can wield a drop saw like most women use a nail file. But when she returns to Blueshell Beach, the last thing she needs is a sexy, unfriendly neighbour to distract her from the family cottage renovations. Keegan Dallas left the city for a peaceful life.