historical fiction

  1. The Artist's Secret (Brindabella Secrets, #2)

    The Artist's Secret (Brindabella Secrets, #2)

    New South Wales, 1887 Despite their growing attraction, both Peter and Elizabeth have secrets that will come between them.
  2. A.L.Padden

    Craft Historical Research and World Building 101 with Amy Padden

    This Mini-Intensive will help you bring your story to life, giving you details that will add authenticity to your writing without bogging down your storyline. The course will provide tips and suggestions on how to show what your world looks, smells and tastes like and where to find that...
  3. Easter-Promises-publicity.jpg


    Four remarkable women. Four unforgettable stories of hope, courage, faith and love.
  4. The Landowner's Secret by Sonya Heaney

    The Landowner's Secret by Sonya Heaney

    New South Wales, 1885 Alice Ryan wakes to find thugs surrounding her cottage, and escapes into the surrounding bush. It is wealthy landowner Robert Farrer finds her. She's dishevelled, injured, and utterly unwilling to share what she knows. https://www.romance.com.au/9781489290472/the-landowners
  5. Soul of the Elephant - Book 1 in the Kind Mahout Series

    Soul of the Elephant - Book 1 in the Kind Mahout Series

    South India, 1870s. When fifteen-year-old Hemit breaks family tradition by learning the mysterious soother's gentler ways of training elephants, he unleashes his own mystical powers--powers his parents have tried to conceal, and which are capable of destroying his entire family.