1. Photo 6.JPG

    Photo 6.JPG

    Elsinore Cosgrove turns the husband she never wanted into the man of her dreams.
  2. Better To Marry Than To Burn

    Better To Marry Than To Burn

    A former slave and his freeborn Philadelphia mail-order bride have never been bested on the field of sexual one-up-manship. Have they now met a match for whom they'll gladly cry uncle?
  3. Kendi McLain

    Intros & Newbies An Overzealous Newbie

    So, I posted about me yesterday under someone else's thread and it was suggested I start my own with a lil about me. In acuality, I've been writing since I was about 12 or 13, but created stories in my head a lot earlier. (NOT to be confused with my fantasies.) In my teens, my stories were a...
  4. One Breath Away

    One Breath Away

    A post-Civil War tale of sexual healing and love
  5. Castle Wolves

    Castle Wolves

  6. Book Trailer: Ashes & Ice - YouTube

    Book Trailer: Ashes & Ice - YouTube

    Ireland in 1887 was not a nice place to be if you were Irish. Across the ocean, America looks like a beacon of promise to the starving minds of Johnny Dorlan...