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    Business DIY Book Tours with Ines Johnson

    Learn how to DIY your blog tour in six steps which include: Building a media kit Targeting the right bloggers for your book Tailoring your email to each blogger to break through their slush pile How to keep records of which sites you’re visiting along with what and when to give them materials...
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    Craft Plot Gardening with Ines Johnson

    This course introduces writers to a number of master plots from The Hero’s Journey, to The Save the Cat Method, the Romance Beats, and many more. The aim of this course is for writers to “date” plotting methods until they find the one that works best for them. Writers will even be encouraged to...
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    New for 2018 Creating a Book Trailer with Ines Johnson

    Book trailers are visual depictions of a book’s storyline, sometimes made by fans, which are a great way to get readers enthused. In this workshop veteran screenwriter turned romance novelist, Ines Johnson, will teach you the four simple steps of writing copy to persuade a potential reader to...