premade covers

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    Book Cover Artists Victoria Cooper Cover Art

    From their website: I offer a wide variety of premade covers in various categories. Upon purchase, I will add your title/author info and send to you in a high-resolution file of 2400 x 1600 (if you need a different size/file type just let me know). I can do any typography changes, include the...
  2. nanettepl

    Book Cover Artists Yocla Book Cover Designs

    From their website: Giving the market what it wants is key to making sales. We understand that a good book cover not only is pretty, but also fits genre and reader expectations. Through extensive market research, we will make sure your cover fits market trends, while fitting your story.
  3. Dawn_McClure

    Book Cover Artists Premade Ebook Cover Shop

    Premade & custom covers for several different genres, box set covers, social media promotional images...and more.