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  1. Not too old for this gig - A W TURNER 2020.jpg

    Not too old for this gig - A W TURNER 2020.jpg

    It was time for an intervention, some new clothes, a bit of hair colour and a touch of make-up and she’d turn this frumpy duckling into a sexy swan and prove to Sonja that she wasn’t too old… This is a younger man old woman love story
  2. Picture Perfect - A W TURNER 2020.jpg

    Picture Perfect - A W TURNER 2020.jpg

    Picture Perfect is a past lives-reincarnation story that switches between the Victorian past and present packed full of murder, blackmail, passion a vengeful ghost and an unscrupulous property developer.
  3. Sunny Irene Roth

    Genre How to Write a Romance Novel with Irene Roth

    Do you read romance novels? Do you find a real affinity in the story lines? Do you find that cozy romances provide a wonderful escape for you, even when you life seems a bit in tatters? Do you love Hallmark movies? If you answered any of the above questions in the affirmative, you have come to...
  4. Gia de Cadenet

    Genre Mentoring: Writing the Great Romance with Gia de Cadenet

    Based on Gia's experience as a PitchWars mentee and Binders Mentor, we're offering a program with in-depth, personalized coaching on craft (plot, pacing, GMC, etc.) and the overall "product" of the MS (sensitivity issues, marketability, story cohesion, etc.) I'll include two passes: the first a...
  5. If-Tomorrow-Never-Comes-eBook.jpg


    How hard would you fight for the one you love? Josh Collins has the perfect life—a beautiful girlfriend and a baby on the way, until an accident takes his life. Avery Rhodes’ world imploded the moment she lost Josh. Her life and future unravelled in an instant. Alone and pregnant, she finds...
  6. P

    Homework What do you watch?

    Good evening my friends! Shows like ER, Chicago Med, The Good Doctor, and Grey's Anatomy all bring different aspects of medicine to the forefront. It's interesting to watch situations that are on the pulse of society, giving us a fly on the wall view of their worlds, but are these shows...
  7. Bobbie Carlton-Hess

    Intros & Newbies Newly Joined

    I joined for the upcoming BDSM for Writers class. But am finding more here than I expected While I belong to a local critique group, no one reads or writes erotica, so only my short stories are usually reviewed. Would love to find a beta, critique partner or a critique group! I do have a...
  8. Michelle Karl

    Lecture Week One, Part 1A: Like Baking a Cake

    Week One, Part 1A: Like Baking a Cake Writing a category romance novel is like baking a cake. A dash of characterization here, a pinch of romantic tension there, and voila! You have a book! Well, not quite. Every book you write has characters. Plot. Conflict. Stakes. Romance, to whatever...
  9. Family Pride: Love and Challenges

    Family Pride: Love and Challenges

  10. Hathor Legacy: Revelations

    Hathor Legacy: Revelations

  11. SOLARIS: Sand In My Eyes

    SOLARIS: Sand In My Eyes

  12. Cabin in the Woods

    Cabin in the Woods

    A fast-paced romantic suspense, full of surprises!
  13. Amie Charney

    Craft Escalating Romantic Tension: Stages of Intimacy in a Romantic Arc with Amie Charney

    Not Your Grandmother’s Bodice Ripper: Exploring the Stages of Intimacy in a Romantic Arc through Plot Structure and Characterization “Romantic tension is more about how the characters feel about slots and insertions, than the physical slots and insertions” Tessa Dare, New York Times and USA...