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    The Last Kingdom meets Game of Thrones What happens when a father rests the kingdom's fate on a son who despises the crown when there is another son who is desperate to wear it? Sebastian's journey of discovery is only beginning,
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    Award winning Young Adult Science Fiction Vagrant. First book in a three book series, Vagrant is a Finalist for the International Best Book Award and won the Seal of Excellence from Apple Awards. Logan Hall is a Vagrant, one of the disenfranchised living beneath the mega city of New Washington...
  3. Amie Charney

    Craft Escalating Romantic Tension: Stages of Intimacy in a Romantic Arc with Amie Charney

    Not Your Grandmother’s Bodice Ripper: Exploring the Stages of Intimacy in a Romantic Arc through Plot Structure and Characterization “Romantic tension is more about how the characters feel about slots and insertions, than the physical slots and insertions” Tessa Dare, New York Times and USA...