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  1. hank-quense

    Business 10 Steps to Self-publish and Market a Book with Hank Quense

    As you start your journey toward self-publishing your book, you will undoubtedly explore the internet searching for information. That’s where the trouble and confusion can start. The internet has tons of information on self-publishing. Some of this information may be accurate and some of it may...
  2. terrimain

    Craft Tools Using Kindle Create to publish both print and Ebooks with Terri Main

    Indie Authors and Small Publishers this course can save you thousands of dollars! You can spend between $50 - $500 hiring someone to do what you can do for free in twenty minutes or less. And that's just e-book conversions. Print is even more expensive. At the very least, you will spend...
  3. terrimain

    Business From Manuscript to Publication - Self Publishing Made Easy with Terri Main

    At one time, the keys to book publishing were held tightly by a handful of publishers and agents. The author often gave up much of their creative control and often a good portion of their profits in exchange for a publishing contract, distribution of the book, and some marketing. Likewise, some...
  4. hank-quense

    Business Self-publishing Mini-course with Hank Quense

    This workshop is targeted at writers who are thinking about self-publishing their first book, but aren’t sure where or how to start. It provides basic information on a number of important topics relevant to the self-publishing process. The topics will help you decide how to proceed with your...
  5. How to Self-publish and Market a Book

    How to Self-publish and Market a Book

    Book publishing and book marketing aren’t separate projects. They have to be worked on as an integrated project. That's what this course does: it integrates ...
  6. The Hybrid Author: A Guide to Publishing, 2nd edition

    The Hybrid Author: A Guide to Publishing, 2nd edition

    A comprehensive guide to the evolving publishing industry written with candor, insight and personal experience from a seasoned hybrid author. Providing: * Active resource links for all your writing needs * Discoverability tips * Advice for the Author/Entrepreneur
  7. LC Hayden

    Business How to Successfully Self Publish with L.C. Hayden

    Some self-published books look like self-published books and from the beginning are destined to fail. Others look professional even though they are self-published and they leave a trail of success. What's the difference? It's knowing what to do and what not to do. Multi-published author L. C...