1. Joan Leacott

    Business Between "The End” & the Upload: How to Prepare Your Manuscript for Self-Publication w/ Joan Leacott

    Congratulations! You’ve completed your story! You’ve decided to take control and self-publish. Rock on! Where you go from here? How do you get your book on the shelves, electronic or bricks & mortar? What do you need to know before you announce your release date? In this workshop, we’ll walk...
  2. terrimain

    Business Writing to Teach: How-to’s, Courses, and Instructional Video Scripts with Terri Main

    This is known as the information age. Lifelong learning whether in a formal context like a course or training seminar or informally through reading how-to books and watching videos, is now the norm. A Pew Internet survey found that 74% of American adults had participated in at least one formal...
  3. terrimain

    Business WordPress for Authors with Terri Main

    Wordpress used to be a simple blogging software. Even when it began adding more extensive web building capabilities, it still looked like "Just another Wordpress Site." But in the past five years, the level of sophistication makes it the perfect platform for small to mid-sized business - and...