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    You can run…but you can never hide who you really are. Natalie Clement found this out the hard way. When she left an abusive relationship to protect her young daughter, Natalie found her way home without realizing just how lucky she was. Friends and protectors surfaced to help her find her way.
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    Calculations really aren't my strong suit, but even I can determine that Unreliable Magic + Bad Guys = Mayhem Amazon Universal Link: https://books2read.com/witchy-surprise 1st Chapter Excerpt: https://rhondahopkins.com/a-witchy-surprise-excerpt/
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    A collection of short paranormal romance stories from a talented group of authors. From witches and warlocks to time travel and zombies, these fascinating stories will make you laugh, cry and smile.
  4. The Faye's Secret

    The Faye's Secret

    For the past few weeks, Abigail Reed has been seeing ghosts. Living her whole life feeling like she didn't belong, Abby is used to taking care of herself. But when a ghost in a dream talks to her, the first one to ever speak, she is thrown into a world that she never knew existed. One where...
  5. JimmyMorris

    Lecture Final Witchy Thoughts

    Blood Magic Blood magic obviously uses one precious fluid... blood. Not a lot of witches practice it, because it is often assumed to be associated with dark magic. It can be, but does not have to be. Blood magic does not require killing or sacrifice, which can be something people expect...
  6. JimmyMorris

    Lecture Moon Magic

    The moon is magical....a witch needs to know about the phases of the moon and all things moon-related. So here's a primer. The new moon is called the dark moon, and it's a potent time for magic - as potent as the full moon,, if not more. But some people use this time for dark magic. Not a...
  7. JimmyMorris

    Lecture Magical HerbsHerbs are used in just about every form of witchcraft, including voodoo and voudun. Th

    Herbs are used in just about every form of witchcraft, including voodoo and voudun. They are considered to contain Earth energy and are selected for each specific spell used. They also have medicinal properties, and so are used in poultices and medical remedies used by witches. The growing...
  8. JimmyMorris

    Lecture Witch's Spells

    There are several kinds of witch's spells that promise health, wealth, good fortune, revenge... almost anything you can imagine is supposedly solved by witchcraft. These spells can use herbs, candles, fabrics, hair and nails from the person, a picture, quartz or other stone, and metal. The most...
  9. JimmyMorris

    Lecture A Witch's Tools

    I should put a disclaimer here - these lessons are not to teach you how to practice witchcraft. They are strictly to help you learn about what a witch is and how you should portray her in your fiction. A witch's tools are symbolic and useful. The basic four are tied to the elements: Earth...
  10. JimmyMorris

    Lecture Crystals and Their Meanings

    Crystals are used to create or sustain spells or to use for protection, healing and so forth. Some are common, and some are not. Many are birthstones. Below is a general list: Amber - Golden amber is relieves stress and fights depression. Amethyst - The purple amethyst is considered a...
  11. JimmyMorris

    Lecture Types of Witches

    There are several different kinds of witches. Each has specific elements to the magic they practice and the ingredients they use for spells and incantations. Some are more founded in ritual and religious belief, and some are more nature-based. This will help inform how you use them in your...
  12. JimmyMorris

    Lecture Witches in the Beginning

    The book of Samuel in the Bible discusses the Witch of Endor, who was consulted by King Sault to summon a prophet’s spirit to help him defeat the Philistines. In the story, the witch does raise the prophet, who then prophesied that Saul and his sons would die soon. They died the next day in...
  13. Playing the Witch's Game

    Playing the Witch's Game

    Even a good witch knows how to play dirty...
  14. Pamela Jaye Smith

    Lecture Lesson #6 - Witches, Warlocks, Ghosts & Ghouls

    Villains #6 Witches, Warlocks, Ghosts & Ghouls Pamela Jaye Smith A. Witches, Warlocks and Dark Magicians B. Demons, Fairies, Elementals C. Ghosts Harry Potter, Twilight, Buffy, Supernatural… in the midst of the most scientifically advanced civilizations in history we’re seeing a...