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Happy New Year writers!!!
So glad 2018 is over and now to focus on the year ahead. Here’s to 2019! If you have been on social media, you may have seen other writers post about their resolutions. Some common writing resolutions that you may have come across are things like getting an agent, getting published, and hitting a certain word count every day. These are all wonderful resolutions, but declaring a resolution is just the first step. As you all most assuredly know, writing and publishing take a lot of work and there are many different avenues to pursue when it comes to writing and publishing. Each writer and each manuscript are all different and may require different approaches to attaining your ultimate goal or resolution. This is why it is vital to break down your resolutions into steps. Now is the time to treat your writing like the main character arc of the three-part hero’s journey in a work of fiction:

What do you want?
What is stopping you from getting what you want...
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