Meg Rosalyn

Feb 26, 2015
There’s a rare breed of writers who can sit down and write a novel that’s both well written and applicable to its intended market in a single shot (plus a moderately painless round of revisions). I’ve heard about these mythical people and perhaps so have you. However, for many of us, there is much more strategy and forethought than that. Consider these five things as you begin your next (or first) novel.
1. What age group and genre will your book be in?
This is a bigger question than you might originally surmise. I’ve had friends reach out and tell me how they are planning on writing a novel. Once the initial excitement has died down, my first question is always: “What age group and genre will your book be in?”
Why is that? Genre and word count impact everything.
Although this may sound far away just yet, when you complete your book, you have to be able to give it some vague label as to its intended readership. This is important not just for agents who will pitch your book...
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