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Author: Amanda Wilson
Genre: Adult Contemporary Romance
Word Count: 87,000

Modern A Rogue By Any Other Name x The Love Hypothesis
A Duke gets a second chance with the girl who ghosted him ten years ago. Aidan needs a wife to recover his inheritance, while Emma needs access to the Victorian porn hidden in his family’s archives for her research. A marriage of convenience seems like a solid trade-off to keep her dreams of tenure alive.
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  • Title: The Botany Project
  • Genre: LGBT+ Upper YA thriller (with some soft sci-fi elements)
  • Length: 82,000 words
  • Author: Hailey Leonard
Welcome to The Botany Project: your latest hidden-camera reality show obsession. The last thing 18-year-old Natalie Curtis remembers, she was found guilty of second-degree homicide, ruining her plans of going to Stanford and tarnishing her "Little Miss Perfect" reputation. Now, she's stranded on an empty tropical island with nine other violent criminals, all with one common goal: survive until the end of the season and claim the ultimate prize of having their crimes completely absolved.
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Title: This Grand Looking-Glass Hotel
Genre: Adult Contemporary
Length: 97,000 words
Author: James G Moore

Elliot Thorn, an eccentric Black college student and the mostly White campus' amateur detective, faces his biggest case yet--assault on a freshman. Elliot’s well-known obsessive drive to answer every question he encounters collides with the victim—his first-ever crush—who does not want her attacker found. Spellbound by his infatuation, Elliot makes a promise to the victim that quickly puts him at odds with the college’s Honor Code and a student body that’s calling for justice.
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Aug 5, 2020
Rosendale, NY
Title: Z.E.R.O.
Genre: MM Romantic Thriller
Length: 87,000
Author: Jason Wrench

Blayne is an openly gay graduate teaching assistant whose life is about to be turned inside out when he lets Ethan, the closeted “E” in the hit boy band Z.E.R.O., come stay with him after Ethan’s lover is assassinated in New Orleans. Neither Blayne nor Ethan know what they’ve gotten themselves into. Ethan’s lover was killed by agents of a shadowy organization known as The Foundation. The Foundation will go to extraordinary steps to keep their secrets from going public, and they think Ethan has the information.
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Oct 28, 2020
Title: Spartan Quest - Callisto's Salvation
Genre: Adult Historical Romance
Length: 95,000 words
Author: Anthea Laurelton

“Wear the coronet of Apollo or watch Apollysis burn!” Diokles of Sparta knows the coronet has the power of divining the truth he seeks. Callisto fears the coronet has the power to destroy her. As high priestess only she can wear it. The truth has the power to burn them both.
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Sep 30, 2021
Melbourne, AU
Title: The Remnants of Secrets
Genre: Adult Thriller (Small-town)
Length: 71,000
Author: Nina Parks

Sometimes it is better when secrets stay buried, sometimes memories are nothing but lies. After the death of her estranged father, Freya is forced to return to her small hometown. Her return sets a series of events in motion that may finally give her the answers to the strange disappearance of her older sister from over a decade ago.
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Ana D Handen

Sep 22, 2021
Title: The Gods that Never Existed
Genre: Cross-over Adult Sci-Fi/Dystopian Romance
Length: 80,000 words
Author: Ana D. Handen

Twenty years after the A’chiads’ return to Earth, AGNAR—genetically modified to serve as keeper of knowledge and an oddity even among his people— is ordered to train JUNO, a gifted human journeyman.
Together they’re developing a novel technology to help defend the planet if/when the A’chiads' enemy attacks, while also finding they love each other and want a future together.
But when a nano adaptation thought safe for humans turns on Juno putting their and everyone's else future at stake, Agnar won’t think twice about sacrificing himself to save her; even if the knowledge he possesses is lost.
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Feb 14, 2020
Title: The Banshee’s Kiss
Genre: YA urban fantasy
Length: 69000 words
Author: AJ Clay

Sion's fallen for the charming Flora but there's one hitch: she's a banshee, and Sion's top of her hitlist. As death starts to touch her family, Sion must discover if Flora will defy her boss for a human – or if her love is really to die for. Killing Eve meets Out Of The Blue.
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Sep 27, 2021
London, UK
Title: Say It With Flowers
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Length: 80,000 words
Author: Hannah Langdon

Willow, a talented florist and herbalist, specialises in the language of flowers. An appalling betrayal by her ex-fiancé has left her wounded and cynical, determined to forswear love, and when she is pushed together with Rory, she thinks he is everything she hates in a man - until she gets to know him better. But it seems Willow’s past may prevent her ever finding a future.
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Feb 8, 2021

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Title: First Impressions
Genre: traditional Regency romance
Length: 91,000 words
Author: Elizabeth Donne

Ellena believes herself fated to repeat her parents’ joyless marriage, and journeys reluctantly to meet the man her father has chosen for her, when a carriage accident leaves her stranded in a woodland cabin with a handsome stranger. Torn between duty and the stirrings of real feeling, Ellena tries to do the right thing, but makes one doomed decision after another. Maybe the fates are conspiring against her, or perhaps they will teach her to follow her heart.

(dual POV; stand-alone with series potential)
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Jan 21, 2021
Title: Showmance
Genre: Young Adult Romantic Comedy
Length: 61,000 words
Author: Reem Khaleel

HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL X TO ALL THE BOYS I'VE LOVED BEFORE: After Liv is brutally betrayed by her best friend and ex-boyfriend, she fakes a showmance with her theater camp crush, Charlie, to make her ex jealous. But lines between real and fake start to become blurred when Liv and Charlie are cast as the understudies in the camp musical. When freak accidents force them to take over the lead roles, she is forced to face her past with both guys to decide who truly makes her heart sing.
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Title: The Dark Between Stars
Genre: YA Fantasy
Length: 85,000
Author: Riina Corrigan
Comp: “Star Wars” meets “The Cruel Prince”

Orphaned hunter Qynn loathes the Drakon: invasive warriors who annexed her homeland and destroyed her family. When they take Casaeh, her only friend, Qynn pursues her on a rescue mission to the infamous Sand City, hub of vice and violence—and into the aegis of the ruthless (yet alluring) General Varthyeon. Varthyeon's dangerous alliance may be the only thing that can give Qynn a chance to save not only Casaeh, but her tribe and her home—if she’s willing to risk her life in the Drakon’s brutal game of fight to the death—and if destroying her enemy is worth sacrificing her heart.
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Title: Emergence
Genre: Young Adult Sci-Fi/Cli-fi Dystopian
Length: 73,000
Author: Carolyn Bihldorff

Sixteen-year-old discarded rebel and climbing prodigy Kai dreams of escaping the shattered chasms of Antrum, all that is left of the once prosperous earth. Ireni dreams of the Myth, a fabled oasis that Kai believes is complete, crumbling rubbish. When Kai discovers Antrum is going to be destroyed he must choose between chasing his old dreams of escape, leaving his people to die, and seeking Ireni’s Myth, a legend that could be their only hope—or reveal the unthinkable truth of their dying world.
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Sep 30, 2021
spokane, WA
Title: Tim the Reaper
Genre: YA Urban Fantasy
Length: 69,000 words
Author: Susan Allred

SCYTHE X MORT: Tim discovers his dad is a grim reaper and his girlfriend is an angel of mercy. But reapers and angels of mercy are forbidden from being in relationships. Tim must find a way to get out of reaping, keep the girl of his dreams, all while enduring the evil of all evils—high school. His soul, the world’s existence, and his one-and-only chance at being kissed are on the line if he fails.
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Title: The Sooner I Go
Genre: Adult Romantic Suspense
Length: 81,000
Author: Heather Cumiskey

18-year-old Brynn, a former performing arts high school student, is ready to embark on her singing career with her musician husband when her parents and husband die tragically on the same night. Left on her own, Brynn inherits her parents’ debt and is forced to forgo her singing aspirations for a summer internship at a prestigious NYC ad agency where she meets 20-year-old advertising heir, Micah. Brynn plunges in headfirst until a stranger comes forward seeking revenge and threatens her second shot at love.
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  • Title: The Last McNary
  • Genre: Adult Science Fiction
  • Length: 116,000 words
  • Author: Katarina Betterton

In this dark Anastasia retelling, clean blood is currency — and since there’s not enough clean blood to heal sick citizens, governing hospitals capture the homeless and steal their blood to reconcile the difference. 24-year-old Bridie, a homeless criminal, and 16-year-old Dya, the illegitimate daughter of a hospital president, meet accidentally and begin to discover how tightly their lives are interwoven with each other’s and their city’s darkest secret. As fraught relationships bloom and an underground rebellion grows, Bridie and Dya must decide if blood is thicker than water before the city decides for them.
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Title: Crushing
Genre: YA, Sci-fi, Romance, F/F
Length: 54,000 words
Author: TR Simmons

Atarah is a seventeen-year-old tomboy living in a time when AI computers use popularity and beauty to shape people’s social status. The Crush-it dance is her best chance to discover her secret admirer and achieve better social standing. On the night of the dance not only are her personal hopes at stake but also Earth’s survival, if love passes her by.
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Sep 30, 2021
Suffolk, VA
Title: Shoot Straight, Stay Center
Genre: YA Contemporary
Length: 70,000
Author: Shannon J. Curtin

The two most important things in 16-year-old Paige Race’s life are 1) her best friend and teammate, Savannah (Van), and 2) her quest for the title of Top Shooter in the Pennsylvania Rifle League. Then Van doesn’t make the team, their friendship starts to crumble, and the person responsible is none other than transfer student Keith Nicholson, the handsome shooter who beat Paige last year. With a scholarship on the line, Paige finds herself caught between her best friend and her best shot at college and her loyalty could cost her everything, even the friendship she’s trying to save.
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  • Title: PSYKER
  • Genre: Adult Sci-Fi
  • Length: 106,000 words
  • Author: D. V. Athanasi
While looking into his brain hacker sister’s disappearance, con artist William Cole discovers she is planning on unleashing a deadly reality-altering code. He might not recognise the woman his sister has become, but he sure knows how she thinks and where she might’ve gone. When he finds her, he must stop her, even if that means killing the only family he’s got.
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