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Going Indie
As I’ve probably stated before in my writing reference titles, articles and workshops, I’m not a big believer in hard-and-fast rules, and even the ones stated in this lesson can be legitimately broken. I break them all the time myself–if you take a look at the blurb examples on my Blurb Service website. The short list here includes things that are best to do or not to do and there’s good reason for treading carefully when defying any of them. That said, if something works, it just works and who cares about rules when it does? But be careful in any case. Let’s go over some tips to think about when it comes to crafting and revising blurbs.
A Rose By Any Other Name
A main character’s name (first, not always surname) is considered important in a blurb almost always, especially if more than one main character is brought up in the back cover blurb (naming names avoids confusion). While a series or high-concept blurb can be generalized, the back cover blurb isn’t and should never be...
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