HELP! Champagne Book Group?

Paul W

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Nov 2, 2016
Hello, I submitted a pitch last year to Cassie (Cassiel) Knight, Publisher at Champagne Book Group, during a Savvy Authors pitch event. She requested more chapters, which I submitted, but never heard back (six months ago). I sent off an email to her last month but didn't hear back from that either. Does anyone now if they are still in business? I'm more worried about Cassie than I am about my submission.

RJ Garside

Savvy Crew
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Jul 14, 2014
Thanks for your post. As far as I know everything is fine with Cassie and Champagne Book Group. I know many publishers are overwhelmed right, so feel free to email Cassie again. I also found this email address on the site, [email protected], so you could try this one too.
Best of luck!

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