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Going Indie
Understanding the Types of Editing
Most writers understand that at some point in the writing life cycle they will need an editor, but many don’t understand exactly what an editor does. Worse, they don’t understand that there are more than one kind of editor, and that each one serves a vital role in the editorial process.
I am a developmental and content editor. I get most of my work through word of mouth, but I also get some through freelance websites that attempt to match clients with service providers. It is there that I see some variation of the following request far too often:
“I just finished my 97,000-word novel. I need an editor to look it over for spelling, grammar,  sentence structure, characters, plot, flow, etc.”
Whoa! You can’t do all that in a single pass.
Some proposals are even written in such a way that I think the client wants an “editor” to take a deeply flawed rough draft and turn it into a final, publishable draft. If so, they want a ghostwriter, not an editor...
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